Special campaign going on

Polish up your precious metal or jewelry!

Refresh and wear again jewelry lying in the box!

Free Refinishing Campaign!
We also value jewelry for free.

Your jewelry will be reborn being polished by professional technique!

Hard to own ingot.

Tax investigation and record of payment are necessary for selling ingot at the price of more than 2million yen.
Showing of Mynumber has also been needed since January 2016.

To avoid the investigation, it is possible to subdivide ingot.

If 1 kg of ingot is subdivided into 10 bars of 100g, the record of payment is not necessary as each price is less than 2million.

Please sell to us!

Unused ingot and platinum product will change into cash.
Please sell to us!
Our customers are satisfied to exchange a neckless or ring with cash!

Gold Buddhist statue as ultimate tax-reduction strategy!

There is a rush on the gold Buddhist statue!!

Buddhist altar fittings as inheritance tax-reduction!

There is no problem to change assets into Buddhist altar fittings. It seems unnatural, however, to have multiple statues. Then, we recommend and help you selecting altar fittings! Please contact us!

We advise asset management and inheritance!

Please contact us!

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